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This course will teach you how to build a multimedia internet empire, freeing your time and empowering you to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people.

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Have you created an online course, but just aren't making enough to quit your day job and support yourself fully? Or are you the type of author who has written a book, but never turned it into a video course?

Or maybe you have a successful podcast and some coaching clients, but no courses, books, or audiobooks for them to continue learning from your style of teaching in your absence?

Perhaps you have thought about launching one of these products or services, but just don't know where to start? If any of these describe you, then there's no question that you know the value of hard work, and are aware of the financial rewards that could (and should) result from your burning desire to help your audience.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have started down this path in the first place!

But let us ask you this:

Are you really reaching the biggest audience possible? Are you truly experiencing the fullest measure of enjoyment and satisfaction from helping the people you care about the most?

And are you really creating the levels of wealth, freedom, and financial independence you know you deserve?

Let us tell you something that may shock you

Even though we may not know you personally, the answer to most of these questions is almost certainly "no."

But like the creators of this course - both bestselling authors, top-earning instructors, and renowned podcasters - you have the potential to achieve financial freedom and design your own independent lifestyle.

To turn your online course, book, or podcast "side project" into a fully-fledged, 7-figure media company that helps hundreds of thousands of people all of the world.

And it can all start today, simply by understanding and using the same resources and techniques we've used to create our own six and seven figure businesses. We're talking about businesses that generate high margin profits (not merely turnover) thanks to how the Branding You Ecosystem reduces overhead to a bare minimum.

But it's not just about making millions, traveling the world, and essentially doing what we please at a moment's notice.

It's about creating value for others, improving lives, and touching entire communities. When you do that, your income explodes, and you can help even more people in ways that give you even more free time. It's a perfect circle.

If building a business - and a life - like this interests you, then listen to each and every word we have to say, because this may be the most important message you ever hear:

A short time ago, the ability to publish a book, teach your own courses to tens of thousands of people, or produce your own radio show with worldwide syndication was unheard of.

Today, however, the internet has made all of this - and so much more - possible.

Today, you can take something like a book and multiply its impact by making it available in different forms and on different media platforms to generate incredible - and passive - income streams for yourself.

Today, anyone with knowledge and skills about virtually anything can, with a little hard work and the right approach, become an online expert and impact the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Whether your skill set lies in musical instruments, a specific type of software, or even just a unique approach to some of life's challenges...

Your knowledge is valuable!

And you can earn an incredible living sharing it with others.

The online education industry is enormous - over $300 BILLION dollars per year, in fact. And there is room for it to grow much, much more. But here's the thing:

  • There is a huge difference between the "long tail" - the folks earning $50, $500, or even $5,000 a month through an online course or book and the folks earning $50K, $150K, and in some cases, even $1M a month through an entire ecosystem of educational products

  • Only a small percentage of the very best experts out there are multiplying their media across multiple platforms!

  • Even some of the top-earning, New York Times Bestselling authors and thought leaders are leaving millions on the table due to a lack of understanding and the misconception that all of this is "really quite difficult."

It Isn't Difficult!

That means you, as a content creator (or future content creator), have an exciting opportunity. And in this course,
we are searching for those of you who are ready to enjoy higher earnings, reach more people,
and most importantly, start Branding You today.

  • Learn how to build your own ecosystem from the ground up, turning it into a self-managing powerhouse of impact, revenue, and growth.

  • Know the highly sought after science behind the Branding You 5+ Pillar Ecosystem Strategy

  • Master a paradigm that allows you to simultaneously create and manage various forms of media, to drive traffic and create cross-pollination between all of your assets.

  • Possess more tools we want you to have in the full Branding You Academy.

Learn About

the Branding You Academy MasterClass Suite

Receive lifetime access to 15 FULL Video Courses that will will take you from zero to Multimedia Empire

Learn to build & expand a business across 5+ key platforms (Kindle, Podcast, Udemy, Email & more)

The Branding You Masterclass

46 Full HD Videos


Create your own high-quality, engaging video content - fast!

​Creating Valuable Video Content That Sells

18 Full HD Videos


Build your brand's awareness & equity through podcasting.

​Profitable Podcasting

18 Full HD Videos


Prevent and profit from piracy and unauthorized distribution.

​Protecting Your Assets Online

10 Full HD Videos


Branch Out & Create Premium Courses For Premium Prices

​Launching Your Own Premium Course Platform

10 Full HD Videos


Automate your sales process using sophisticated funnels.

​Marketing Funnels & Automation 101

18 Full HD Videos


Take control of your sales using effective copywriting.

​Copywriting Cockpit

18 Full HD Videos


The Six-Figure Webinar Formula To Sell High-Ticket Items

​Wildfire Webinars

14 Full HD Videos


Hiring, training, outsourcing, and delegating made simple.

​Create a Business, Not a Job!

23 Full HD Videos


Generate income using two-way affiliate marketing.

​Affiliate Accelerator

1 Full HD Video


Forge lasting & mutually beneficial partnerships with others to grow your business.

​Joint Venture Revenue Rainmaker

1 Full HD Video


Grow your business and your impact through exclusive coaching.

​Coaching and Consulting

8 Full HD Videos


Learn to Set Yourself Up For Life

​Passive Income Powerhouse

34 Full HD Videos


Consistently write high quality and engaging content without getting writer's block

​Conquering Content

37 Full HD Videos


Access to a private
Facebook Group

Lifetime Access and
Updates to the Course

Activation Exercises



Plus, you'll discover how to master the holy grail of building BIG profits:

Creating your own, premium, exclusive trainings.

For the first time ever, we are “opening the kimono.”

Giving you a look into our own products, systems, and businesses - and how they generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Combined, these will SUPERCHARGE your online business breakthroughs.

Sure, you could go out there and take 25 different courses, each for $1,000, and spend the next 2 years “sharpening your axe” before you make even $1 back on your investment.

But not with this course.

Branding You Academy reveals each of these systems in a no-BS, to-the-point manner that gets you up and running in a matter of days - not months.

For this reason, it isn’t for everyone - but rather only for those who’d like laser-like focus and practical implementation tips to help blast towards their business goals.

Jonathan hangin' out at Burning Man

What Else Will You Learn?

Let’s face it:

Content is king, but if the books and courses you produce don’t shine, content can quickly become the anchor that weighs you down.

That’s why in our Creating Quality Content mini-content course, you’ll learn principles you haven’t seen anywhere else.

In Creating Quality Content, You Will...

  • Learn how to transform your raw ideas into high-quality books and courses that give people what they actually want with that Apple product shine.

  • Increase your SEO

  • Grow your subscriber count

  • Discover how to stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

Of course, you might be thinking that creating quality content for free platforms like YouTube and a podcast takes a lot of work.

That’s why we’re including Conquering Content.

This mini-course will help you manage the 3-stage cycle of researching, writing, and getting audience-building and customer-pleasing content online in a way that is quick, easy and enjoyable.

You can take this training as a solopreneur, or use these lessons to train your team.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran in the online business world, these extremely valuable processes will put you light years ahead of the competition.

In fact, we'll even help you anticipate and address some of the sales-crushing, pain-in-the-neck problems that are tormenting even the largest content creators in this space...

Problems like piracy.

Indeed, so many content creators worry about piracy, and yet so few of them realize that with the right strategies, you can turn it into just another form of free lead generation.

That’s why, before taking the mini-courses Launching Your Own Platform and Profitable Podcasting, we suggest you start with Protecting Your Assets Online.

Protecting Your Assets Online Will Teach You How To Discover The Right Balance Between Freely Distributed Ideas and Paid, Premium Content.

And in one of the most powerful parts of this course, you’ll discover how even piracy can be turned into a steady stream of profit.

We’ll then guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your platform, launching it, and connecting it to a profitable podcast.

Most of the gurus teaching in these areas give you only the bird’s eye view in the form of another useless vision board.

And let’s be honest: Most of those experts barely agree with one another.

Branding You Academy, however, you get the big picture, plus the nuts and bolts strategies to actually get you there, including which actions to take and which softwares work best.


Because quite honestly, most people fail to implement simply by seeing the big picture.

Most learners desperately need the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a fully-functioning 7-figure business.

In Branding You Academy, perhaps the most valuable feature of all is unrestricted access to not one, but two entrepreneurs running businesses that have tried just about everything to arrive at integrated success in some of the toughest niches on the net.

When it comes to automated marketing and the copywriting chops needed to produce sales, you’re about to discover a revolutionary connection between these aspects of online business.

In Copywriting Cockpit, Wildfire Webinars, Marketing Funnels & Automation 101 and Effective Ads, you’ll learn how to communicate the value of your products in clear and engaging terms that lead to sales.

And more than just sales, the processes covered in these Branding You Academy courses increase lifetime customer value and strengthen your business for long term success.

This means that worries about the future will drain away so you can focus on bigger things in your personal life and business growth.

Dr. Metivier making friends in Egypt

With the tools covered in these courses, you'll be able to create cashflow on demand.

And to make sure you get as much as you want out of your business, while avoiding the pitfalls and prisons so many online entrepreneurs fall into, we’re including Create a Business, Not A Job!

This exclusive training includes all the strategic thinking and business strategies need to help you successfully communicate with the people who work for you.

Why is that so important?

Because without help, and the right help along the way, you cannot succeed.

By creating a business, your revenue, free time and ability to create even more profit will take a giant leap forward.

That's Why Create a Business, Not A Job! is All About EXPANDING What You're Currently Capable Of So You Can Operate With Consistent Success BEYOND The Limited Capabilities We All Face In Business.

You’ll learn how to hire the right people - from all over the world - and manage them remotely, creating a workplace that promotes freedom while saving you millions on salaries.

You’ll get further, faster and all without the growing pains and financial losses other entrepreneurs have to go through.

And to keep your business expanding, we’ve included courses on adding affiliate revenue, joint venture partnerships, and coaching and consulting to your core business once its up and running.

After you’ve experienced rapid growth (almost) effortlessly thanks to Branding You Academy, you’ll want to discover the amazing power of these supplementary revenue sources.

You’ll discover the right steps to take and avoid the insignificant details that hinder so many others from adding these elements to their business in ways that don’t hinder their free time.

These courses are the straight talk about adding more revenue to your business at the right time so you can make more money and enjoy living the life you want to live even more.

Most entrepreneurs stay stuck because they don’t have the entire picture, plus all the nuts and bolts that really make an online business hum.

Don’t let that be you.

Branding You Academy shares with you the secrets of how you can turn your interests and passions into consistent profits that grows quickly and efficiently.

We’ve become successful enough to live where we want to live, work when we want to work, and play when we want to play.

Jonathan and Dr. Metivier living the dream while recording a podcast from the beach

We’ve gathered all of our experiences and strategies together so YOU can learn from all our successes, avoid our failures, and streamline your own success.

Branding You Academy is filled with the practical steps anyone can take to create a successful online business and charge towards financial freedom and an abundance of time.

Now, we’ve made some bold promises about Branding You Academy.

And it was created for those who have courses or books that haven’t been getting great results, and are truly ready to supercharge their success.

(Though it’s also great for someone who hasn’t even launched their first product yet, too!)

And we’re so excited to share these courses with you because we know these secrets work.

Best Of All, This Course Has Been Designed From
The Ground Up To Get You Results Fast

Sunny Lennarduzzi

Jonathan Levi and Dr. Anthony Metivier break down building a brand with an actionable approach that will get you real results! They are not focused on vanity numbers, they are focused on building a brand that will build your bottom line.

Super grateful for Jonathan, Anthony, and their guidance!

Camilla Hallstorm

Can't believe how value-packed this course is. It provides a solid
framework for how to build your online business, and Anthony and
Jonathan explain how to use the various platform you can use for build
your own brand to your advantage.

A must if you don't want to waste years on research and trial and error,
and instead, take a shortcut to all the information you need
for building your brand and business.

Gonzalo Cor

Because of Branding You, I quit university and started two online course businesses sharing my parents' knowledge in the medical and architectural fields.

Thanks to Branding You™, I skipped years of trial and error and now earning over 4X the average income for people my age in my country, and I haven't even scratched the surface of what my business can do. Thank you, Anthony and Jonathan! Your course changed my life.

Juli La Rocca

I now see endless possibilities and opportunity for my brand! Thank you. I have the knowledge, resources and step-by-step roadmap to success. But above all, I have the self-confidence to achieve it.

I am infinitely grateful for the Branding You™ Academy. It is more than an online course or academy, it is a fellowship.

Jeff Karl

This course isn't too overwhelming, but it serves as a great way to "workshop" your idea. If you have even the vaguest inkling of what it is you want to create, this course will help you crystallize it into something actionable.

Most importantly, you're never left alone. I've messaged Anthony several times directly to his personal email account. His responses are always lightning fast and thorough.

Jon Morrow

I've been training authors for years... and what I love about Anthony's work as a popular blogger and info product creator is his ability to understand and execute the core requirements for being successful online.

His success has proven itself time and time again and he will help you maximize your potential and the potential of your business

In fact, we are so confident, that we're offering

a 30-day 100% money back guarantee

If you don't discover powerful tools, tips, strategies and profits that help you grow the online business
you've been dreaming of, we'll refund the investment you made in yourself. All you have to do is send us
a single line email and we'll promptly refund your money.

No hassles. No hard feelings.

If the Branding You Academy doesn't work for you, we really have no interest in keeping any of your
money. We only want to remove any obstacle you might think you have to getting your hands on these
courses, and creating the very best online business you can.


  • Jonathan Levi

    Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and lifehacker born and raised in Silicon Valley.

    Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on online learning platform Udemy, and has snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the award-winning "Becoming a SuperHuman" Podcast; the bestselling Become a SuperLearner print, digital, and audiobooks; and numerous other online courses through it's own online training portal, SuperLearner Academy.

    Jonathan's media products have been enjoyed by over 130,000 people in all 198 countries. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Anthony Metivier

    Bestselling author Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

    Metivier writes his books and creates video courses for a variety of people who need help with a number of different memory needs. He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams. In offering help to his fellow entrepreneurs, Anthony focuses on strategies he personally uses to make an impact, grow his brands and enjoy an incredible lifestyle. He plays the electric bass and lives in total abundance with his amazing wife, currently based in Brisbane, Australia.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are results guaranteed?

If you apply what you learn in this course, you will earn back 10-100X what you've invested.

The only reason we cannot guarantee results is because it's up to you to implement what you learn. With that said, we are dedicated to working closely with you to turn you into our next success story.

I've never really considered teaching online, and I know nothing about it - can I still take this course?

YES! We assume NO prior knowledge, and you don't even need to know what you want to teach to get started.

During the 30 day risk-free period, you will go through the core content of the course, which will help you discover your niche, learn about the Branding You™ system, and ultimately, help you decide if this is the right career choice for you. If it's not, just email us for a refund..

I already have a book/podcast/online course/blog/mailing list, is this for me?

Unless you are earning a 7 figure a year income and have all of the above working in concert to grow your brand, then this is for you.

Why should I buy this course instead of your competitor's?

Most other experts teaching how to build a media business focus on one specific aspect: webinars, podcasts, online courses, etc. While they teach these things very well, it can cost you upwards of $20,000 and a year of your life to go through each of those individualized courses. Only Branding You™ Academy gives you a no-nonsense crash course in ALL of these topics, for one low price.

Furthermore, only Branding You™ Academy has been created by not one, but two bestselling instructors, who together dominate iTunes, Amazon, Udemy, and each have their own million-dollar premium course businesses. Only Branding You™ Academy is designed to help you leverage not just one of the media assets, but all of them in harmony. No other course that we know of offers such an incredible amount of value for such a small sum.

How can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

All you need to do to get a refund is send us an email telling us why, within 30 days of purchasing.

What order should I take the courses in?

You should start with the "Core Curriculum" course. After you've taken that, you should have an idea as to what areas you need to focus on.

The course is a "choose your own adventure" format, and you can take the other modules at any pace you'd like.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your purchase entitles you to lifetime access and unlimited updates.

We'll never charge you for improvements to the course.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course is designed as something you come back to again and again. As every entrepreneur knows, your work of growing your business is never done.

However, you should be able to have a basic media business up and running within a couple of months!

What level of service and support is provided?

We offer a dedicated, in-course discussion forum where you can ask any questions that may come up, and an exclusive Facebook group where you can get guidance from your peers.

The course instructors will also be happy to review your work and provide suggestions.

How long will introductory pricing last?

One of the most important lessons we teach in Branding You™ Academy is to always improve your products - and then charge accordingly.

In accordance with this, we are currently in the process of recording even more modules and further improving the course materials. For this reason, introductory pricing is available for a limited time only and will likely change in Q2 2018.

What are the terms of your free trial?

Our free trial is exactly that - free. No credit card is required, and there is no time limit. You will have access to the first two sections of our "Core Curriculum" foundations course only.

If you would like to try a trial of one of our other modules instead, drop us an email.

So, are you ready to create a world class brand around your expertise?

You'll have 30 days to prove us right. Or you can simply click away and hope that things get better for your brand on your own.
We sincerely hope youll join us in Branding YouAcademy where your progress is not only inevitable, but guaranteed.

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